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    Free scores are not so frequent on the Web. Here are some of my pieces (principally for classical guitar or for piano) which you can listen to, download and print for free.

    In January 2024, to celebrate the site's quarter-century anniversary, I decided to add all my scores that weren't already on the site, i.e. 435 scores (there's no typo!). These pieces are marked with an orange circle . The number of available scores has therefore risen from 383 to 818. But, of course, I'm still composing... so check back regularly (there are currently 822 scores available).

    Although the MIDI files are quite simple, the layout (PDF score after editing in) is very tidy. In order to see these PDF files (created with the help of pdf995), you need the freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    I took the time to record some pieces: you'll find the results in MP3 files.

   The difficulty of the pieces ranges from  (very easy) to  (very difficult).

    The search enginecan help you to travel all over my website. Don't hesitate to use  it.

    You can see pictures of the quatuor de guitares de Waterloo and of the Théâtre l'Escapade. You also can download over 200 wallpapers (more recent wallpapers are available on flickr).

    If you intend to buy a computer soon, my page devoted to the after-sales service Packard Bell will surely interest you.

    If you've got time, spend a moment on my flickr albums.

    Lastly, here a list of the websites of the Academies of music of French-speaking Belgium.

    Enjoy your visit,  

All the scores that you'll find on my website are not in copyright, so they may be freely copied or publicly performed; however, their redistribution on another website is not allowed. With a view to intellectual ownership, all my compositions have been registered by Copyright
Some of my compositions are published by Éditions Soldano  
As the number of the scores keeps increasing, I offer them on the following
distinct pages:
Guitar (466)  
Carols for guitar (7)  
2, 3 and 4 guitars (32)  
Piano (300)

Dix ans déjà (added on 7 April 2024)
Eveil (added on 20 April 2024)
Invention en la mineur (added on 19 May 2024)

Carols for piano (1)  
Piano four hands (3)  
Others (13) Jeux de quartes for string quartet (added on 17 May 2024)
All on one page (822)

Complete lists of the compositions:

classified by instrumentation     

classified by date of composition     


    I also designed two animated cursors,     (vertical resizing) &     (horizontal resizing), that I offer you to download.

    Finally, you can get tables of the guitar neck and of the keyboard, as well as music paper, some elements for a guitar method, arpeggios and easy scales:

table of
the neck
up to the 5th fret          
up to the 12th fret          
up to the 19th fret          
table of the keyboard          
without clef 8 staves 9 staves 10 staves 12 staves 14 staves 16 staves
G clef 8 staves 9 staves 10 staves 12 staves 14 staves 16 staves
piano       4 systems 5 systems 6 systems
1 stave + piano         3 systems 4 systems
tablature 8 staves 9 staves 10 staves 11 staves 12 staves 14 staves
bass tablature 8 staves 9 staves 10 staves 12 staves 14 staves 16 staves
elements for a
guitar method
arpeggios for the Nr. 40
of the elements for a
guitar method
the YouTube file is performed
by Jose Carlos Coelho Marcoa
easy scales          

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