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A little piece of advice: avoid websites which force you to click on the banner of a and "offer" you only score substitutes without nuances, without fingering, without a nice layout, without creation , in short without soul. No music should be disfigured like this.
Fortunately, here are other websites:
The Guitar School (Sveinn Eythorsson & Eythor Thorlaksson) (over 3,300 pages in PDF format)
Jubing Kristianto (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Vincenzo Pocci Web Page (don't miss Digital Music Library) (PDF) (Giuseppe Torrisi) (sur (PDF scores or scores/tablatures to be opened with the freeware TablEdit File Viewer) (archive of the website of Giuseppe torrisi, who died in 2021)
Hirokazu Sato (the regretted composer's facebook page) (JPG - some compositions are handwritten)
Aaron's Guitar Site (Aaron Mogenson (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Daniele Magli (personal compositions) (PDF)
Edson Lopes (PDF)
Oleg Kopenkov (personal compositions) (PDF)
Ecos del Sonido (Gimena Borghetti) (PDF)
Federico Martinez (personal compositions) (JPG)
Classical Guitar Shed (Allen Mathews) (PDF)
Ryuji Kunimatsu Official Website (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF) (José Antonio Chic) (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Richard Lenz (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Diguitarian (Kaj  Nilsson) (PDF)
Digitarrist (Kaj  Nilsson) (PDF)
Acervo Digital do violão brasileiro (PDF)
Brian Roberts (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Partituras de guitarra (Mario Manuel Alvarez López) (PDF)
Conservatoire de Rive de Gier (Daniel Sassolas) (PDF)
Golden Guitar Studio (Dmitry Teslov Project) (a large number of PDF scores)
Stéphane Dupont (PDF)
Luis María Soria (transcriptions of pieces from South America) (PDF)
this is classical guitar (Bradford Werner) (PDF)
Joaquim Serra Pica (sur (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Classclef (PDF scores/tablatures or to be opened with the software Guitar Pro)
Paul R. Palmer (on (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Les éditions du pirate (Jean-Michel Calas) (personal compositions and transcriptions) (JPG or PDF)
ALi's webstek (Alfons Lievens) (PDF)
Forrest Guitar Ensembles (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Jonas Mollberg (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Guitargalaxy (Thomas Seeck) (personal compositions) (PDF) (Jean-Baptiste Voinet) (PDF)
Jean-Pierre Roubaud (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Ludovic-Alexandre Morin (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Serge Arbiol (personal compositions) (PDF)
Chitarra classica mp3 e spartiti (Maddalena Francesco) (PDF)
Jamal Zohourian (personal compositions) (PDF)
Christian Audoly (on (PDF)
Nicolas de Rigal (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF or ENC)
Guitar DownUnder (Bill Tyers) (GIF or PDF) (David Raleigh Arnold) (pedagogical pieces and personal compositions) (PDF) (Paulo da Fontoura) (forum offering a large number of scores in various formats)
Gitarrenunterricht in Saarbrücken (Lars Basler) (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Boijes samling (The Music Library of Sweden) (a large number of PDF scores)
Guitar Loot (Eric Crouch) (transcriptions for guitar of Renaissance and baroque lute music) (PDF scores or to be opened with the free Scorch plug-in)
Bach for Guitar in Tablature (Alan Melvin) (PDF scores/tablatures or to be opened with the freeware TablEdit File Viewer)
Hans-Friedrich Pfeiffer (personal compositions) (JPG)
Mauro Giuliani (including facsimile of Giuliani's compositions) (PDF)
philguitar café (Philippe Barrilliez) (personal compositions and transcriptions) (scores/tablatures to be opened with the freeware TablEdit File Viewer)  (unavailable on 29 May 2024)
Guitarra Latinoamericana y Música Colombiana (Jaime Romero) (personal compositions) (PDF scores or to be opened with the freeware Myriad Music Plug-In)
Enrique Kaliski (on (PDF)
Liturgical Guitarist (Jim Nailon) (on Score Exchange) (Christian music) (scores to be opened with the free Scorch plug-in)
Georges Raillard (personal compositions) (PDF)
Geoffrey Brunt (personal compositions) (JPG)
New Classical Guitar Music (Kevin Germain) (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Derek Hasted's Guitar Ensemble Website (GIF or PDF)
Thomas Königs Classical Guitar and Lute (PDF)
Brazil on Guitar (Baden Powell's compositions) (PDF)
Stanley Yates (PDF)
Andrei  Krylov (personal compositions and transcriptions) (GIF, JPG or PDF)
Mustafa Kemal Düzgören (on (PDF scores/tablatures)
Minami Huhu Home Page (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Syukhtun Editions (Theo Radic) (PDF)
Uwe Warneke (on IMSLP) (personal compositions) (PDF)
Thomas Scharkowski's Home Page (PDF) (PDF)
Javier Bravo, Guitarist and Composer (PDF) (Detlef Hasselmeyer) (on (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF) (archive of the website of Detlef Hasselmeyer, who died in 2017)
David Coester Meantone (music from the 19th century) (PDF)
DOS Amigos Home Page (Hans Oosterwal & Mark de Gooijer) (PDF)
Bert Alink (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Bert Alink (on IMSLP) (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF) / 
Fernando Sor - l'intégrale (Patrick Navarro) (including the facsimile of all Sor's compositions) (GIF)
Perso Flamenco (a great deal of flamenco and classical scores collected by Victor Reny)
La Guitarra Clásica (Eduardo Barrientos) (GIF, JPG, TIFF, TGA or PDF) (large number of links collected by Victor Reny)
YASU toshi Guitar Diary (JPG)
Site Internet de Gérard Rebours (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Le coin des guitaristes (Philippe Renaud) (on (PDF tablatures or scores/tablatures to be opened with the freeware TablEdit File Viewer) (archive of the website)
À propos de guitare... (François Castet) (GIF) (copy of the website of François Castet, who died on 19 May 2001)
Classical Guitar - Peter Vink (PDF or SIB) (copy of Peter Vink's scores [website blocked by BitDefender])
Jürg Hochweber's Guitar Works (GIF or PDF)
Fabrice Holvoet (GIF or PDF)
Nemo James-Singer/Songwriter (TIFF)
Richard Yates' Classical Guitar Transcriptions (PDF) - Free Downloadable Music (PDF)
Classical Guitar Music on the Web (large number of links collected by Larry Deack, and previously by Stefan Kebekus)
I offer you a copy of this currently unavailable page
Pian e forte (PDF)
Piano Play It (Free piano lessons for free spirits) (David Yzhaki) (PDF)
Ernesto Nazareth (PDF) (Jérôme Coulomb) (large number of links and scores in PDF format)
Grigor Iliev (personal compositions) (PDF)
pianotte (not classical scores) (PDF)
Fou De Musique (compulsory registration) (not classical scores) (PDF)
Beáta Csoka (on (PDF) (archive of the website)
piano song download (PDF)
Chopin Early Editions (University of Chicago) (JPG)
William Wallace (on (easy pieces) (PDF)
Piano Four Hands Sheet Music and Duets (PDF)
The Henselt Library of Nineteenth-Century Piano Music at European-American University (PDF)
Norman Schmidt's Home Page (PDF)
Piano Street (compulsory registration) (PDF)
Pianolessen  bij Marcel Manshanden (PDF) (over 1,300 PDF files)
EasySheetMusic (popular, classical and jazz) (PDF)
The Sheet Music Archive (PDF) (Christmas carols) (GIF)
Charles-Valentin Alkan, French composer (Sylvain M. Chosson) (PDF)
analytical Q (a lot of personal compositions, most of them for piano) (GIF or PDF)
Sheet Music Online - Public Domain Music (PDF)
Piano World - Free Piano Sheet Music (large number of links)
Several instruments
Roberto Di Marino (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Víctor Carbajo, Composer (piano, oboe, flute, voice, etc.) (PDF)
Makhorina Easy Sheet Music (piano, voice [traditional songs]) (PDF) (a large number of PDF scores) (560,000 traditional tunes in various formats)
BandMusic PDF Library (wind music) (PDF)
Classical Guitar Lessons (John Wakelin) (guitar, piano) (PDF)
benesonarium (Christopher Mueller) (vocal Christian music) (PDF or MUS)
Eva Toller's choral arrangements (choral scores) (PDF)
Walter Cosand (a large number of PDF scores)
Musopen (a large number of PDF scores)
Klarinettennoten (Franz Dorfer) (PNG or PDF) (piano, organ, violin, cello, flute, guitar, voice) (PDF) (PNG or PDF)
Chorix partithèque (Jean-Marie Balfourier) (choral scores) (NWC)
Early Music Online (Royal Holloway, University of London) (digitised pieces from the 16th century from the British Library) (JPG)
Liederbaum (Micha Labbé) (600 songs for children) (GIF)
Where It's Art !!! (Art Levine) (pieces from the 15th to the 17th century) (PDF)
Music Active Sunn (large number of links)
KernScores (various formats)
The Juilliard Manuscript Collection (autograph manuscripts)
Gilbert DeBenedetti (piano, guitar) (PDF)
The Violin Site (on (violon) (PDF) (archive of the website)
Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum Digitale Bibliothek (JPG)
The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music (Johns Hopkins University) (over 29,000 popular American pieces published between 1780 and 1980) (PDF or JPG)
Margriet Verbeek (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Choral Scores Download (large number of links to choral scores) (various formats) (principally piano) (PDF)
Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum (Neue Mozart-Ausgabe / Digital Mozart Edition) (PDF) (PDF) (flute or other melodic instrument) (PDF / MIDI or MP3 [accompaniment])
Brahms-Institut an der Musikhochschule Lübeck (JPG)
Free Brass Sheet Music edited by Jay Lichtmann (on (PDF)
Free Choral Music: J. Ashley Hall (Christian music) (PDF)
Breizh Partitions (Celtic music) (various formats)
Free Music Scores (Jean-François Taillard) (brass) (PDF)
Grupo Vocal Sólo Voces (choral scores) (PDF) (Ole Hesprich) (on (orgue) (PDF) (archive of the website) (Nancho Alvarez)  (choral scores) (PDF, PostScript scores or to be opened with the freeware LilyPond)
Projeto Divulgando Compositores Alagoanoss (Brazilian composers) (PDF)
The Divine Music Project (Orthodox music) (PDF)
English Madrigals and Parts-Songs (PDF ou NWC)
The St. George Brass Band, Sydney (brass) (PDF)
copy-us (PDF)
Cantate Domino (Christian music) (PDF)
Hubert Garavel (piano, wind quintet, etc. / personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
UR Research (University of Rochester) (over 25,000 scores in PDF format)
Métronimo (PDF)
McCracken Middle School Band (transcriptions for wind instruments) (PDF)
John Webber (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
John Wesley Barker blog (personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF scores or to be opened with the free Scorch plug-in)
Adriano Amore (clarinet) (PDF)
Adrian A Cuello Piraquibis (on (choral scores / personal compositions) (PDF) (over 1,100 scores in PDF format)
The Music of Jeff Harrington (personal compositions) (PDF) (over 1,000 choral scores) (PDF or NWC)
International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) (over 10,000 public domain musical scores) (PDF)
Steve Hendricks Music Collection (principally Renaissance scores) (PDF)
The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles (clarinet scores) (PDF) (public domain sheet music principally for piano, orchestra and chamber music) (a large number of PDF scores)
Adriano Secco Music (choral scores / personal compositions and transcriptions) (PDF)
Capotasto Music (PDF)
ComSonante (choral scores) (PDF)
Gotta Sing... (Donna Ankney) (vocal Christian music) (PDF scores or to be opened with the freeware Finale NotePad)
Magnolia (Tim Brace) (guitar, voice) (PDF)
Manfreds Notenpool (Manfred Hößl) (choral and instrumental works) (MUS)
Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities (Stanford University) (Bach, Händel, Mozart, Vivaldi) (PDF)
La Mia Musica (Marco Voli) (vocal Christian music) (PDF or NWC) (Helmut Kickton) (most of them choral works) (PDF) archive of the website
Project Gutenberg (large number of scores in various formats)
Leo Ornstein (piano, chamber music) (PDF) (PDF)
Bach Cantatas Website (PDF)
El Atril (PDF)
ARENAÏ (Renaissance choral scores) (PDF)
Jacques Duphly (French harpsichordist and composer) (PDF)
Free Sheetmusic from Johan Tufvesson (music from the 17th and 18th centuries) (PDF)
Music for the Nation (over 62,500 pieces from North America published between 1820 and 1885) (TIFF)
Roxanna Glass Homepage (on (personal compositions) (GIF) (archive of the website)
Flute Music by Herbert Lindholm (PDF)
20,000 Volkslieder (Frank Petersohn) (folk songs) (GIF)
Hans van Eck - Norbert Wissing (personal compositions) (PDF)
VARIATIONS Prototype: Online Musical Scores (Indiana University) (GIF)
Sally DeFord Music (PDF)
Die Homepage von Thomas Voigt (guitar, piano / personal compositions) (GIF) (easy pieces) (PDF)
Charles Templeton Sheet Music Collection (Mississippi State University) (piano, voice / American music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries) (PDF)
Score Exchange (a large number of scores to be opened with the free Scorch plug-in)
Compositores & Intérpretes (pieces of argentinean composers for piano or guitar) (PDF)
mfiles - free music files and musical notes (PDF scores or to be opened with the free Scorch plug-in)
Néstor Guestrin (piano, guitar, chamber music, orchestra / personal compositions) (PDF)
the classical music sheets library (Russia) (PDF)
Musique renaissance (Alain Naigeon) (Renaissance scores and personal compositions) (PDF or ENC)
          mirror site
Mutopia (PDF or PostScript)
          first mirror site (Portugal)
          second mirror site (USA)
Kerby Music (Lindy Kerby) (personal compositions for piano or voice) (PDF)
Paul Copeland (on Score Exchange) (piano, organ, flute, voice, guitar) (scores to be opened with the free Scorch plug-in)
The Free Sheet Music Guide (large number of links)
The Choral Public Domain Library (over 8,500 choral scores, most of them as PDF files)
FreeSheetMusic.Net (large number of links) (large number of links collected by Victor Reny)

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