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Classical Guitar Midi Archives (by François Faucher) (in English / French)
Classical Guitar Illustrated History (by François Faucher) (in English / French)
Die Homepage von Thomas Voigt (Java applet allowing you to test your knowledge of the guitar neck) (in English / German)
guitar.ch (many resources / a treasure rather intended for the non classical guitarists) (in English / German)
The Total Classical Guitar Method (by Frank LaMonica)  (in English)
ChorFind (learning of chords) (in English)
Autour de la Rosace (Robin Meys) (channel dedicated to learning to play the guitar) (in French)
Guitare et pédagogie (Mathieu de Person) (in French)
Musée pictural de la guitare (paintings, photos and illustrations relating to the guitar and the lute by François Hirsch) (in French)
Die Homepage von Thomas Voigt (Java applet allowing you to test your knowledge of the keyboard) (in English / German)
Home Page Chopin (The Frederick Chopin Society) (in English / Polish)
Fundamentals of Piano Practice (by Chuan C. Chang) (in English)
Piano Play It (Free piano lessons for free spirits) (David Yzhaki) (learn to play piano by chords from basic to advanced piano chord theory) (in English)
The Piano Education Page (in English)
Piano Society (collection of classical MP3 files)
Piano Pedagogy (by Martha Beth Lewis) (in English)
ChorFind (learning of chords) (in English)
Histoire du piano - Pianomajeur.net (La Feuille du Piano) (piano history by Ernest Closson - 1946) (in French)
Expert sight reading in piano performance (PDF file) (by Diego Corti) (in French)
KölnKlavier (Wolfgang Lempfrid) (a wide range of pedagogical resources) (in German)
Shareware Music Machine (over 2,000 music software titles) (in English)
List of scorewriters (Wikipedia)  (in English)
MuseScore (music score editor) (freeware / in English / French / German / Dutch / Swedish / Spanish)(60 Ko)
Music Speed Changer (online or with an app / to independently change the speed and pitch of your music files) (multilingual)
Finale NotePad (music score editor) (freeware / in English)
Guitools (the "Swiss knife" of the guitarist (tuner, beatbox being able to be used as metronome, learning of chords and scales / no installation is necessary) by Jean-Luc Delporte) (freeware)(245 Ko)
Finaletips.nu (Jari Williamsson) (website not to be missed for's users [among others a large number of plug-ins]) (in English)
AP Guitar Tuner (tuner by Audio Phonics Inc.) (freeware)(26 Ko)
AP Instrument Tuner (tuner by Audio Phonics Inc.) (freeware)(16 Ko)
MiniTuner (tuner by László Árvai) (freeware)(14 Ko) 
TicTone.com (online metronome, tuner and tuning fork) (freeware)
metronome-en-ligne.com (online metronome) (freeware)
metronomeonline.com (online metronome) (freeware)
Free Online Metronome (metronome by flutetunes.com) (freeware)
Weird Metronome (programmable metronome by David Johnston) (freeware)(9 Ko)
Metronome (metronome by Nick Baciu) (freeware)(7 Ko)
Metronome (metronome by Iwan Mouwen) (freeware)(7 Ko)
The musician's toolbox (imusic-school.com) (metronome, tuners, chord charts and music & tablature paper online) (freeware)
GiveMeTac ! (metronome by Graphys) (freeware)(13 Ko)
Functional Ear Trainer (ear training program by Alain Benbassat) (freeware)(17 Ko)
Notation Musician (converts MIDI files to sheet music by Notation Software, Inc.) (shareware)
MidiTabPlayer (converts MIDI files to tablatures by notesandfingers.com) (freeware)(30 Ko)
Guitar Chords Crash Course (learning of guitar chords) (freeware)(17 Ko) 
VGuitar (learning of guitar chords, scales and arpeggios by Ryan Straight) (freeware)(20 Ko)
Academies of music of French-speaking Belgium
L'oeil qui entend, l'oreille qui voit (a model of analysis of the tonal harmonic view) (in English / French)
Online Lexicon of Music (Franz Sauter) (musical lexicon dedicated to tonal music) (in English / German)
Practical Music Theory - Teoría práctica de la música (by José Rodriguez Alvira)  (in English / Spanish)
stars & catz (Oli Braithwaite) (free music games online) (in English)
A Musical Playground for Kids (music theory lessons) (in English)
ClassicalConnect.com (compulsory registration) (virtual concert hall) (in English)
musictheory.net (by Ricci Adams) (in English)
JustStrings.com (on line shop / strings for all instruments) (in English)
Classical MIDI Archives (large collection of classical MIDI files / biography of some of the composers) (in English)
Kunst der Fuge (collection of classical MIDI files) (in English)
Parlor Songs (collection of classical MIDI files / popular music from the 1800s to the 1920s) (in English)
Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File (in English)
Michel Baron - Écriture musicale (harmony, counterpoint and fugue courses) (in French / Spanish / Galician / Italian)
papiermusique.fr (music and tablature paper) (in French)
BlankSheetMusic.net (music and tablature paper) (in English)
Musipedia (research of the title of a piece from the notes, the melodic contour, by singing or tapping it) (in English)
Formation musicale (by Vincent De Boever / beautifully crafted medium for the study of musical training) (en français)
GDRM (Guide des difficultés de rédaction en musique) (by Marc-André Roberge / essential if you must write a French text about music) (in French)
Finalisons ! (independent forum of the's users) (in French)
musibiol (by Georges Hertzog / a help to use) (in French)
FINALE - Options et outils principaux (by NicolasMalarmey / a help to use) (in French)
theoriedelamusique.com (music theory) (in French)
Les Ateliers du Rythme (website devoted to the rhythm by Arnould Massart) (in French)
Références en Musicologie (musicology by Jean-Marc Warszawski) (in French)
Travaux en histoire de l'acoustique musicale (history of acoustics by Patrice Bailhache) (in French)

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